Tuesday Pennant 2017-2018

Please Note:   Any issues regarding availability please refer these to Gwyn Pritchard on 9459 1139 as soon as they are known.


FEBRUARY 27 , ROUND 18      Please be at your venue by no later than 9:50am.

Side: 1

Midweek Pennant Division 2, Section 3 Ladder

Venue: Away

Versus: Rosanna 2

 Team 1  Team 2  Team 3
 Lead  P. Liistro  C. Will  G. Olsen
 Second  G. Thorn  J. Liistro  S. Tusek
 Third  I. Snibson  T. Vandenberg  P. Gall
 Skip  G. Pritchard  C. Liistro  A. Will
 Duty Rink  
 Side Manager  G. Olsen


Side: 2

Midweek Pennant Division 5, Section 3 Ladder

Venue: Away

For those requiring a lift and those willing to car pool, please be at the club at 9am

Versus: Bundoora RSL 3

 Team 1  Team 2  Team 3
 Lead  B. Rodgers  T. Cipollone   B. Crisp
 Second  M. Blackman   F. Hair   E. Fazekas
 Third  N. Cartwright  G. Clayton
  V. Brandon
 Skip  R. Snibson  S. Gysberts
  S. Dragovic
 Duty Rink  
 Side Manager   S. Gysberts


Side: 3

Midweek Pennant 6 a Side, Section 2 Ladder

Venue: Home

Versus: Diamond Creek 2

 Team 1  Team 2
 Lead  H. Woodburn  J. Watson
 Second  L. Jones  C. Bartling
 Skip  A. Middleton  B. Lambert
 Duty Rink  Both Teams
 Side Manager  B. Lambert


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