Coach’s update

Hi All,
It is uplifting to finally have both sides that played on the weekend to have victories. I am sure that these results are a pointer to our future. There have been changes to the team selections over the last few weeks many of which are forced by unavailability and while some maybe disappointed we still need to encourage each other to play for the club as that is what we are about, getting the best for the club and then the individual.

On this note I encourage all to get involved with the new competitions that are commencing soon these are a great way to hone our skills in a competitive situation they also are good from a friendship point of view as we all get together and blame each other for the game. I have to be up front and apologies as I will not be there for the first 2 Tuesday evening games as I have other pre arranged appointments to attend. So I wish you all the best till I start to play.

This week I will be at the club as follows:
Tuesday 13/2/18 Pennant
Wednesday 14/2/18 Coaching/Practice from 4:00pm and Tax Office visit
Thursday 15/2/18 Pennant Practice from 7:00pm
Friday 16/2/18 Coaching from 11:00am and Tattslotto Friday from 1:00pm
Saturday 17/2/18 Pennant practice 11:00am
If the above times do not fit in please contact me for some individual training.

Wishing you all a happy valentines day on the 14th.


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