Coach’s update

Hi All,  this week has been particularly tough for me. Unfortunately I need to admit that I took our loss on Saturday rather hard, particularly as I felt I let the team down by my own performance. This was tough knowing how much pressure was on the team to perform to try and avoid relegation. The good news is the self loathing has stopped and the realisation that has come to me is that no matter how we are going we should try to enjoy our bowls time. All of us have those down days but it is through that knowledge, that we need to pick each other up and get ready for the next challenge.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all those I will not see at the Christmas break up or over the next week a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to you and your family and friends. Due to the upcoming holidays and the many demands on our time I may not be down at the club as much as I’d like but if you would like some personal coaching please call me and we will arrange to meet at an appropriate time.

Therefore this week my timetable for being at the club is as follows:

Wednesday 13/12/17 Not at the club unless required for individual coaching.
Thursday 14/12/17 Not at the club unless required for individual coaching.
Friday 15/12/17 At the club from 12 noon till around 5:00pm for coaching and Tattslotto Bowls
Saturday 16/12/17 Pennant practice at 11:00am. Pennant from 12:30pm.
Tuesday 17/12/17 Pennant from 10:00am

If you would like coaching outside these times please call me on 0411 061 116 and I will try and arrange an appropriate time.

Thanks, and good bowling

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